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I just purchased its and it us telling me to click on a "bulb" for every lesson and I can find more bulb. It looks like a good app but no tutorial.

Thank iTooch!

It helps me learn more and fast now i am a new person because of itooch I am smart and intelligent


This app is so easy to use, it will teach you everything u need to know it has lessons, pre tests and tests


I Have downloaded every single one of our itooch apps for 7th grade LA thank u this is such a wonderful help.

Gigi SLP

Please review the difference between a noun and a pronoun. One question was: The subject of a sentence must be a noun. True or false. The app called false wrong. False is correct because the subject of a sentence must be a noun or a pronoun. On another item, the task was to underline all singular nouns. The app called it incorrect when I did not underline "it." "It" is not a singular noun, it is a singular pronoun. Good concept for an app, but the misinformation needs to be cleared up or the app will teach children incorrect information.

Waste of time and money!

I bought both the 6th and 7th grade apps only to find out that almost all of the material and the questions were the exact same. To top it off the "lesson" material was to brief and very vague even to use as review material. I guess if you want your student to mindlessly "practice" for standardized tests, then this is the app for you.


I am a middle school ELA teacher, and I purchased the 7th & 8th grade apps. They use identical questions, so it was a waste of money. The 8th grade app should be more rigorous if it is common core. There should also be a separate section on adjectives. It should not be combined with adverbs.

Massive content

Didn't expect this, just stunning!


I just purchased this app, and I think it could be useful in the classroom. I do think, however, more could be done to provide useful info about using the app.

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